Monday, October 28, 2013

The Best of Dentistry Communities on Google Plus.

We are dentists and patients talking about dental matters we care about in local regions of America: dental match making, experience sharing, referral, comment, Q& A,  fun, facts and more...

We organize around the Best Dentists communities for regional topics such as dentist referral, and the Best of Dentistry community for general topics.

The idea behind these communities is that somethings are better online than offline.  For example, we all know how uncertain it is to find a good dentist. We ask for referral from friends, and the experience is often less than expected. The difficulty is a result of the great range of differences in individuals, patients and dentists. More over, there are differences in business models at dental offices and circumstances of the patients. As a new patient, we can better choose a dentist if we have the information relevant to our desire. When dentists and patients participate in the conversation and the conversation is available for those who wish to listen in, we are pretty sure that  dentist-patient matching and mutual understanding can be a lot more pleasant and reliable.
83% of people: teeth more important to appearance than hair, eyes.

Unfortunately, so far that is proven not possible in the real world. The information or lack of it is in the data. You can read more on that below. These communitites are created to improve those aspects of the dental experience.

The good thing about G+ is that we have the good ideas and solutions collectively arrive at and make available to any and all patients who seek them. This is the greatest advantage online communities have over the real world.

So come join us on Google +, participate in and enjoy the conversation.

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